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Yaarub Alwan (Axel) is a valuable team member and consultant for Stark By Design. Yaarub has been an invaluable addition to our team. He currently serves as director of operations for Stark By Design in which he oversees the organization’s daily business activities. He is responsible for managing business resources, development and implementation of the operational plan, and quality control of procedures. Additionally, the Director of Operations regularly evaluates organizational efficiency and maximizes productivity.




Acquiescence to life’s odyssey.


I remember being enchanted by the enigmatic forces that govern our physical world. Valence electrons will react unless paired, electrical charges attract opposing forces, energy counteracts entropy. Don’t get me wrong, the training was tedious– but the value is in its comprehension. These observable phenomena are seen throughout the organizational structure of the universe.


Atoms without a balanced valence shell will covalently bond with others. Intrinsically, atoms will donate and share resources with their neighbors in order to reach a more stable state. Volatility leads to decay, even at an atomic level we are set to support one another. As the atom participates in this exchange, it grows more resilient. Fueled by opposing forces, the interplay of these tiny particles destine participating atoms to become molecules.

Molecular interactions trend towards stability by exerting energy. Each structural arrangement gives them unique properties. They can now add, remove, or join to create varied molecules with new and exciting attributes. The similarities of the layering of the universe can be found everywhere. Our understanding of the basics of the universe allows us to make predictions with keen accuracy.


In order to reach stability, we must participate in this exchange. Share what you can, cultivate diversity of ideas, and most importantly, put in work. I now have to discover if the few-hundred years I spent in the purgatory of medical school adequately prepared me for the physical world before me.

I come equipped with extensive experience in healthcare, technology, hospitality, and digital research. I love learning languages, not only English (primary) and Arabic, but love languages such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Python. Sprinkle in years of personal server management and a general curiosity of technology and its practical application, and every challenge becomes an opportunity.


Despite the stringent requirements of my education; I’m malleable. I enjoy quickly learning new skills, problem solving, and long talks about our reach.

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Straight-forward pricing, à la carte marketing.

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